sexy babe want you to beg

sexy babe

Do you want to know what gets me off? What gets me excited, well, it happens to be when a man begs like a boy, like a bit of beta. A sexy babe like me wants to see it!

Show me that you will do whatever I want. My ultimate goal is to keep someone in a chastity device and to submit for life. The urge you have to please me is much more important than anything. You will only think about my perfect body from head to toe you want to submit.

There’s something new I want to do, and it’s given. You never have to live without such a powerful Goddess that takes control and makes you feel like you must devote your entire life and energy to it.

Whatever I have, any slave that obeys it makes everything go smoothly. If you want to have the privilege of kissing my feet, you must kneel and beg.

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