Slutty Slumber Party Memories!

Fantasy Phone SexMy favorite thing about going to an all-girls prep school was when we could take over our dorms on the weekends for a slutty sleepover! At our school slumber parties we would do anything but sleep; we’d stay up all night dancing, sipping stolen wine and talking dirty getting eachother’s pussies wet! The last slumber party we had I had the brilliant idea of bringing out my vibrator and showing it off to my girlfriends. They were fascinated and were begging me to show them how I used it. I couldn’t show them without putting on some porn so we watched a video of a girl taking a big black dick and I laid on the bed working my cunny with my toy while all my girlfriends at school watched me. I could tell a few of the girls were getting wet watching the porn but then I also noticed a few of the girls were watching me.. My little pussy throbbed harder knowing they were going to watch me cum. Next thing I knew my best friend was kissing me and sliding her fingers in and out of my pussy as all the other girls looked at us. I came so hard all over her fingers and kissed her again, I had to taste her pussy! I flipped her onto the bed and started playing with her cunt while every other girl in the room started touching themselves or the girl, they found the hottest. My best friend squirted on my tongue and when I looked up, I saw every girl scissoring or finger fucking their pussies to the nasty porn on the dorm tv. By the end of the night we were all worn out from cumming together, It was the best prep school slutty slumber party ever!Sexy Chicks

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