Erotic roleplaying

Sexy babe

I may be sophisticated but that doesn’t stop me from being a hottie! The company I work for rented out a bunch of hotel rooms at the Marriot during a business trip… You see when it comes to men and women at my place of employment women are outnumbered… This time around Stacy couldn’t make it which left me and Gretchen on a business trip with 10 hot men; who didn’t bother bringing their wives along! We got drunk in the hotel bar and thought it would be hot to go skinny dipping… The boys came down for a swim.. They walked in on two hot babes completely naked… Drunk, Giggling and Promiscuous… Of course they didn’t bother keeping their wives in mind.. They encouraged us to do handstands in the pool on the 3ft end… That’s when Jake came up and put his face in my pussy! I was so shocked by his behavior but turned on all at once.. All the other guys… Once, they noticed I didn’t stop Jake they decided to join in on the fun… Gretchen was under water sucking Jake’s long cock.. While all of our male coworkers were finding anyway to fuck on any hole they could access. In other words our business trip turned into a hot fucking colleague orgy! There was so much cum floating around in that pool.. 10 loads of nut plus several loads on top of that. HA! There was no way in hell those guys were only going one round with a hot babe like myself!

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