An Ass fetish story with Valerie

Ass fetish

Do you have an Ass fetish? Because I’ve got quite the story for you if you do. My small dicked husband was doing whatever he does on a given Saturday evening – not fucking me, that’s for sure, the cuck – and I was boredly looking through one of my magazines when I got a text from a guy I’d only seen a few times. It said he wanted to play, and he wanted to play now. I had nothing else going on, so after a quick call to make sure my husband wasn’t feeling rock hard and ready to play, I made my way onto my new booty call. Booty being literal, he was going to fuck my ass and he had plans to make it rough, hard, and so fun! We were going to make Ass sex porn, and that’s what we did. I took the ride over and entered this guy’s house without worry, my husband was secretly listening through my phone after all, and I was almost immediately bent over a table. Not my ideal fucking ground, but I’d already gotten myself lubed up and ready right before heading over so he was met with access when he slipped my gorgeous black skirt up and clapped my cheeks. I pride myself in how long this bouncy ass of mine can jiggle, and for a moment it seemed like he was taking pride in how fuckable it was. His dick was so damn hot I could feel it slap against my cheeks the moment he released it, so hard and thick and ready to be everything my husband wasn’t. I knew my Cuckold phone sex wimp of a husband was stroking himself to the sound, when the man I’d come to see finally gave me an inch, literally. Then he gave me ten more.

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