Small Dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationToday was a good day I did small dick humiliation on my neighbor Todd I never knew he had a small dick until he came from the showers naked in our complex building as he walked past me naked I did a little chuckle because I saw his small dick it was about 3 in a half inches by the looks of my view point I asked Todd to come do some repairs at my apartment later as the water fell from his body I asked Todd when was the last time you had some good sex and would you want to  have it with me? I’m looking for a fuck buddy would you be him? Or do you know anyone who is available to do it? Having a fuck buddy would be amazing or having multiple guys in my bed would be lovely the more I could have the better as soon as I said Todd’s face turned red and he become harder from where I was looking so I said how about tonight I could ask my friend derrick to come over and bring drinks okay Todd said I will be there what time you come around 9pm okay see you then as I walked back to my apartment my panties were soaking wet wondering about Todd’s oral game and I knew how derrick got down but both of them in my bed tonight sounded like fun as 9pm rolled around I put on a little black dress and my fishnet stockings with some stilettos as the door rang at 9pm the first person to show up was Todd then derrick showed up five minutes later and the fun started as I laid on the bed derrick was kissing me slowly and Todd started to play with his little pee pee as the night went on the guys played with me all night until I cum five times in total as 12am rolled around the guys played with each other as I watched on it was so hot Todd told me earlier that he always felt like a submissive person and had cock every once and a while just looking at the two of them was so hot!!!

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