Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine.

       Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine. First thing I like to do is strip down to my birthday suit. Second, I get comfortable. The bed is good because I have a wall of mirrors so that I may watch myself. Next, I make sure that my partner is comfortable too. It must be remembered that since I have the wall of mirrors and my partner right alongside of me. We will be ready to begin.

       Mutual masturbation stories It’s important to remember that being able to see one another and comfortable will make the orgasm that much better. Now, I like to start playing with my super large boobs. Rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Palming them. Moving a hand down to my pussy. Finger sliding between the folds. Separating them. Opening them so that he may see the clitoris and hold all exposed.

        Looking in the mirror I am able to see that his cock is getting harder. As he strokes his length. Gives it a little shake. Tugging up on it. Groaning. I insert a finger up inside of me. Thumb stroking over the clit. Pressing in on it hard.

        At the same time as he gets harder, I get wetter.

        Removing my fingers from my vagina I rub some of the juices over my nipples. Cupping the breasts. Finger flexing around them. Pushing them together. Before returning to my pussy and administering to the wetness and pressure that is building up.

        Right beside me I feel and hear my partner groaning. Getting close. A second finger joins the first, pumping in harder. The pressure is building, and you know there is nothing better than watching a hot sexy woman in the throes of orgasm, eyes wild, mouth open, body convulsing.

        Partner orgasming at the exact same time.

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