Small dick humiliation on a catfish in a hotel suite

Small dick humiliationI was craving a big thick dick, the thought of cum oozing out of my Shaved wet pussy was all I wanted.. I got catfished! I met up with this guy off of a dating app and let him know exactly what I wanted, he posed as a black male with a massive 13 inch cock. I stepped into his hotel suite naked, with nothing but thigh high sheer nude stockings and 6 inch pumps! I didn’t even have to touch the loser to get his dick hard.. Me sitting in front of him naked was enough to have him fully erect!

I should have known when I walked in and he had a pillow lying on his lap that I was going to be in for a surprise.. The grand reveal stood before me a little 4 inch pencil thin dick already leaking precum.. I was livid! It was such a shame, how could he! I sent him so many videos of me rubbing my pussy and tons of free nudes exposing my Large boobs. If I would have known how little his dick was I wouldn’t have wasted my time on him and he knows it.

I wasn’t going to be the only one disappointed.. I wrapped his cock tightly in his shoe laces.. His pathetic nub was bulging, it instantly went limp.. his balls swelled up and turned purple and his little wimpy dick disappeared in his bulging sack! “Hey little loser, I dragged my tongue over his blood rushing sack.. You think it’s okay to lie to women about your size? I giggled bent over with my ass swaying in his face.. You want some don’t you? You want my pussy, just a taste.. Anything you can get, right?” I unraveled his cock and teased his dick with the lips of my pussy.. “Well that’s too bad loser as bad as you want me you wont be getting not even a finger of yours inside of me.. The only thing a cock your size is capable of is making me laugh.. Small dick humiliation will do the trick!”

I got off recording and humiliating I’m live on my Onlyfans with so many of my fans watching! The guys watching were even giving me ideas.. Not even the 4 letters of my name could fit on the length of his dick.. we had him smashing his cock in and out of a shot glass.. teasing that he finally is able to hit the back of something.. believe it or not the fucker blew.. of course we wrapped up with the shot glass bottoms up swigging his cum down his throat. 



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