Spill Some Midnight Tea With Your Cuckold Princess

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I want to tell you how juicy my pussy is thinking of you.

See today when I came to audition for your porn set I couldn’t help but think of all those nights you came over to watch me while my parents were away. I am not the same girl I was when I filmed that sweet sitcom.  I was so excited as we rode downtown and you made me suck the cab driver off before I gave you a big mouth deep tongue kiss. I had to prove that I was not the innocent naive girl I once was. I used to play with my pretty pink pussy after you would massage my legs from a cramp after soccer. You are my dads best friend and I have always wanted you to touch me. You managed my budding career so well, but as a grown-up princess, I needed something to show the world I was an adult. After I took those big black cocks and made you watch me degrade them, I knew you were the man I wanted to fuck after every porn shoot. I love showing my body off and making you wait until the last minute to come. The longer your cock holds that cum the more excited my tight coed pussy gets. Please get back to me with any dirty fetishes you want me to do, I love secrets and roleplays for my sexy men. My pussy gets sooo juicy thinking of the cum you will give me.

Until I ride black cock again, your Princess,

xoxxxo kisses CJ

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