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sexy chicks

sexy chicksI went to the beach today, and I must say- women are very sexy. I get why all guys look at us and want to touch us. Women are so soft and perfect, who could have something against that? So down at the beach, things got really hot under the sun. I found a hot group of singles and couples- at least they seemed like couples. Anyways who really cares, it was a see all- share all kind of experience! I was being such a naught little whore making out with this girl, and letting her man fuck my ass. He rammed his stiff cock into me as the group watched, his girl molested my mouth and there was no hiding all of my juices from my pussy running down my leg. Our day was only getting started as we all took turns exploring one another’s bodies. As the day went by, looking at the men around me I could tell me and the other girls were going to get it even more tonight.