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Giving Into His Feet Fetishes: A Princess For A King

feet fetishes

Ramón might be a fucking badass gang boss, but he has feet fetishes and a weakness for a hot young Princess Like me. My Pops might have owed him some money and on his first visit to out our in the hills he saw me painting my piggies! Instantly My ol’ Man worked out sort of a trade. I would seduce Ramon until Daddy closed on a “Deal” allowing him to have Ramón’s Money. I spent nights at his Mansion giving into his intense foot massages and wrapping my sexy feet around his huge cock before I used my little mouth to suck him off. I was showered with so many pantyhose and silk stockings that I modeled for him. I love being used for dirty business deals and having my feet and legs worshiped. I am a Princess for a Gang Boss King.