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Squirting Pussy Making Mess

Mature phone sexI need sharp alligator clips with weights snapped down onto my nipples. I want to feel that pain from those clamps rush thru my tits and down to my juicy wet pussy. Once the initial pain of the snapping clamp goes away I then get the sensation of numbness. But that does not last long as my nipples start to droop from the weights. That feeling is a really tingly feeling and if I can get the right kind of guy to slap my nipples the tingly feeling rushes straight to my cunt making me cum and squirt all over myself. If the guy was not hard before, my squirting pussy always makes them hard. One guy locked my nipple clamps and weights to an eye hook in the ceiling pulling me up on my very tippy toes. I whimpered a little bit but it was more for pleasure than the pain. He was not even touching my pussy he was slapping me with the belt and fucking my ass but my pussy could not stop squirting make a huge mess on the floor.