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The Whore Next Door Is Horny!

Sexy babeQuarantine is driving my sweet southern pussy crazy! I haven’t taken a cock in weeks, and I’m even starting to eye up men I never would have spared a second glance! Take the man who lives in the apartment next door. He’s nothing special to look at; brown hair, brown eyes, a little bit of a chubby guy. he’s just your Average Joe. But damn does my cunt get hot whenever I watch him carry his bike up the stairs, or when he brings in his groceries. I just want to go over there, knock on his door in nothing but my birthday suit. I want to watch his eyes get nice and wide as he notices my perfect tits. I know he’s got a big cock, and I want to get him all excited when I ask him if I can come in. He’ll be cumming in me, if I have my way about it! If I get my way, he’ll bend me over in the living room after some hot and heavy making out, and I’ll get my sweet snatch stretched by his sexy schlong. Ah! If only I weren’t so shy, maybe I could go and say hi, and get my cunt satisfied. Until then, it’s just me and my vibrator, dreaming of the boy next door.