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You Should be Shy

Look at that little thing! I would be embarrassed too. I went away on vacation to somewhere nice and warm with a big group of friends and their friends. You were one of my potential fucks because you had this cockiness like you thought that you were the boss, and I love showing men like you just who the boss is in the bedroom. We were on a yacht with a nice ass pool, and I am not sure who’s idea it was, but we decided to go skinny dipping. Everyone was completely naked, except you. I went up to you and asked why you still had your boxers on, and you told me you were shy. Now this was not the same cocky man I was thinking about fucking earlier, so I had to see what was underneath those boxer briefs. When you weren’t paying attention, I yanked them off of you. It was too hard to try to contain my laughter, and once everyone realized what I was laughing at they started laughing too. I made the other guys get out of the pool so you could see what a real cock looked like. I even got measuring tape to show you the size difference. Watching me handle all of those real cocks really made you hard, and it wasn’t long until you were begging me to let you cum. You are lucky I felt bad for you, and let you cum.

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