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The Best Phone Sex is with a Sissy Trainer

You belong in sissy panties. The best phone sex sluts can separate the men from the boys. I can just tell. I have an uncanny ability to size up men. I am a goddess. I demand only worthy men. The rest of you are peasants, slaves and sissy bitches. I met Ron at a party. He talked a mean game. He wanted in my panties desperately. He was bragging about his car, his job, his bank account. A real man with a real cock, never has to brag. His cock is all a woman needs. Since Ron wouldn’t shut up and he wouldn’t go away, I entertained him. I knew I would be right. We were at an upscale party. Rich men have small dicks too. Rich men can be pathetic sissy losers too. I led him to a free room in the hostess’s home. I had him undress first. He thought we were playing a game of show me yours, I’ll show you mine. If he surprised me, perhaps we were playing that game. But as it turned out he had at best a 4-inch hard dick. I laughed. I pulled out a pair of panties from my purse and tossed them to him. I was very clear that tiny dicks belong in panties. He looked at me in shock. If he wanted any chance of seeing my hot naked body, he had to put on my panties. Once he did, I snapped pictures and shoved him out the bedroom door into the party. He needed a good dose of humiliation to understand his short comings. Real men are born, but sissies are made. This is just the beginning for Ron. Is it just the beginning for you too?