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My Shaved Wet Pussy

shaved wet pussy

Oh just come here…you know you want this shaved wet pussy. Hearing my voice coaxing you to this tiny little cunny only drives you more wild. You’ve been seeing me dress this way, tease you this way – all the time. Daddy’s little princess…always. But what does your little princess want? What do you want from your little princess, that little sexy babe. You want that tight sooo freaking tight pussy. You want to fuck it, use it and own it. You’re princess just taking your cock like I do all the time. How could you resist? Why did you wait so long to touch me, to feel me…you can have it all with me. I won’t say no I’ll just be the good girl that you know I am, and all for you. Your princess is a good little girl who knows you deserve my body, deserve to do whatever you want to it and I personally crave it. Need it. I want it so bad…can’t you tell? These small little lips are wet with anticipation, such a little whore I am.

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