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What would you do, if I made you watch like a Cuckold Phone Sex Slut?

Cuckold Phone SexAre you going to be my newest little Cuckold Phone Sex Bitch? Could you imagine how it would feel knowing I went out to the bar alone and will be bringing all of the guys that look my way back to tease you? Knowing that you’re never going to be able to fuck me as they do.

Could you imagine seeing me walk into the room followed by massive men who are all there with one intention, To fuck me? The feelings that would come over you, watching each and every one of them wondering just how big their cocks are. Seeing them take their clothes off, realizing that you will never ever be like them.

You will never be able to fuck me as they can. Your dick will never cut it, it will never be enough to make me happy. Come, let me tell you more.