The Hottie Next Door

Naughty neighbor phone sex

I have had my eye on the new sexy next door neighbor! He has a nice rock hard body and so tall. A true dream boat and a hottie like me needed to see what he’s packing while I help him unpack. 😉 I went right over there to move some boxes bending over and exposing my hot perky ass right to him. He rubbed my perky ass so nice and good. I was practically begging for his hot cock. I rubbed my hands up and down his thighs and then let his big 10 inch cock flop out for me to slurp on and run my tongue up and down that shaft! Sucking up that big cock and letting him throat fuck me made my pussy so wet. I gave him a little strip tease and squeezed my perky tits around his wet rock hard cock! I loved getting on all fours for him and having my wet bald cunt pounded with his juicy cock! It felt so fucking good to squirt all over him!

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