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I love visiting the island of enchantment. As a sexy Latina I like to get lost in the rhythm of the beat and enjoying concerts on the island is always fun. You would never guess but I am the complete groupie and enjoy attending Latin urban clubs and frolicking with the talent. All the big-name artists have wanted to take me home for good. I’m no groupie baby I let it be known in order for me to put out you have to have a nice big cock and deep pockets. Most importantly a brain and good chemistry between both of us. Once in a blue moon, I will fuck for the hell of it but usually, if you don’t seduce my mind you can’t have my body. Many of my clients call or have some good Latina phone sex and they really love the ability I have to get them off bilingually. Another thing that is much needed is actually hearing my vip stories and how I have acquired quite the fun.

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