Ass Fetish for the Hot Teacher is What Young Boys Have

ass fetishI have an ass fetish. Do you? I love a rim job and I love anal sex. Younger guys love that I am an anal whore too. I am not submissive, but that does not mean I do not like a big cock in my ass. You can like a good ass pounding and still be in control. Peter is a former student of mine. He was not one of my special pets, but he was hot for teacher. He always flirted with me in his own shy way. I ran into him on campus last week. He has already graduated but was on campus with his baby brother showing him around. It was spring break, so the campus was dead. I was on campus for a couple hours to clean my office. If you new all the fucking I have done on my desk, LOL. This naughty teacher thought I should clean up a bit. I run out of time when class is in session. So, me running into Peter was fate.

We chit chatted, and he introduced me to his brother. Before we parted ways, I could tell he wanted to say something else, so I gave him a chance to say what he wanted. He wanted to take me to dinner. Later that night he ditched his brother, and he picked me up at my place like a gentleman. We had a lovely date. He has a great job now. He admitted he always had a crush on me. I was starting to have a crush on him. We went back to my house and I did what I always do. I fucked the boy. Every hole too, but he had a fetish for the ass too because he rimmed my butthole for a long time before he fucked it. It made my pussy purr. We made an ass sex porn for his spank bank. Peter does not live locally but he is close enough to visit occasionally.

I should have picked him 7 years ago to be my pet. He has grown up to be a handsome man with a lot of stamina and a love for anal sex too. Maybe I will get lucky and have his baby brother in my class in the Fall.

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