Your Girlfriend Deserves A Real Dick

GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex for the men who can’t please those sexy hot bitches. I know a secret. She’s beautiful and you have money and a personality, but you don’t have what she really craves. You pick the phone up. Your girlfriend is breathing heavy. You ask her if she is okay, she tells you she just got off the treadmill. Soft moans escape her lips every once and a while. You ask her again if she is alright. She says yes, her back hurts just a little. And asks you to hold really quick. You hear a man’s voice and her saying slow down in a whisper.  Now you ask your sexy girlfriend if she is alone, and she says yes and that she was watching tv. The line goes dead and your little peter is so hard, knowing your girlfriend is getting the big dick and long, hard fuck she deserves.  This is where I come in. You need a young hottie to put you in your place. and make you the cuckold phone sex lover that your one pump clit stick desires! I’ll just throw you on a pair of silk hose and some lace panties and teach you a thing or two about big cock baby.

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