A Fetish For Spoiling Me

Fantasy phone sexIt’s literally exhausting being this good looking. Always having to reject losers, always getting gifts and whatever I want, ugh it’s a tough life! Whether it be my intoxicating eyes, my perfect lips or casual cruelty, there is always something that’s pulling you toward me and making you want to cash out on my fine ass! I am such a sexy tease and you fucking love it! If you have an inadequate dick then you should be bowing down to me like a good little loser pay pig is supposed to do! I bring out the best yet the worst in you and it drives you fucking wild! You’re my new cuckold in the making and it’s so sexy! I had a feeling that you were a freak like me, now prove your worth! You love the cuck funded lingerie that you put on to my body, you know that I look amazing as fuck! It’s your job to keep a smile on my face so you better fucking do it! I’m gong to make you pay to listen to me getting filled with cum by a delicious cock while we have dirty fantasy phone sex. Be my perfect slave and shut the fuck up while you do everything that your perfect goddess says!

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