A Lesson In Obediance

domination phone sex reneeMy pussy twitched in unison to the sound of my riding crop across his chest. My nipples hardened as he twitched and lowered his eyes in shame. He dared to look me in the eye knowing that he is my slave and I am the Mistress. The thrill of his whelping flesh before my eyes and his instant erection from the crack of the riding crop creates moisture between my legs. “How dare you look at me when you have not been given permission to do so! On your hands and knees NOW!”  I slowly walk around him with his eyes obediently lowered I run the crop down his back to his ass, now covered in goose bumps. Lifting my crop high I lower and the sound of it hitting his flesh causing him to twitch sends tingles through my body. I hear a sniffle escape his lips and I smack his ass again with displeasure. “Take it like a man and stop your whimpering or you will never be allowed to cum!” Giving him a third smack I see the small drops of blood begin to rise to the surface of his skin. His twitching cock responds to the punishment just like a good little slave. Grabbing the ball gag I shove it into his mouth roughly and I see a small drop of blood escape his lips. “It is going to be a long night for you. Never displease your mistress. Do you understand?” Nodding his head in affirmation I smile while retrieving a vice for his cock, one of the many instruments I will use to administer his punishment tonight. Renee is no where to be found and Mistress Tabitha is in rare form tonight.

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