A Princess Isn’t Free

Princess phone sexI love going out dancing with friends or even just one my own. I love finding a cute tight outfit and going out. Teasing guys with my body as we grind on the dance floor. I caught the eye of this loser last night he attempted to get me to give him a private dance in the back. I asked him what I got in return and he thought he was hot shit. His sad offer was his big hard cock. I laughed right in his stupid face. If cock was worth a damn I would be rich as hell just walking down the street. My time isn’t free especially not to a complete stranger who thinks dick will buy my time. Something tells me his cock wasn’t even worth the hype he was giving it, after he got so butt hurt over my rejection. A man with a real cock wouldn’t have cared one bit if I wouldn’t give him my time for free. Sorry but I’m a princess I respond well to money and gifts. If it doesn’t benefit me, why waste the time? Trust me if all I wanted was cock I wouldn’t need to go to a sleaze dance club to find it loser.

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