A raise for Dr Rebecca

Its so hard to be taken seriously sometimes in my profession. I went to my boss today and asked him if he had a moment to discuss my performance review. I have an outstanding record with my clients and I do anything and everything I can to keep them completely satisfied with my services. My boss tells me to close the door and to have a seat. As I sit down I can tell he is holding his cock behind his desk, he tells me that he has received mixed reviews about my services and wants to determine for himself if I should be getting a raise. He tells me to prove I have earned it. At this point I know exactly what he means and although I usually save this treatment for my clients, I go around his desk, pull his hard cock out and give him a raise. I suck his balls dry. I think he agrees that I have an outstanding performance review, because we both got a raise. Me in my bank account and him in his pants.


Cocksucking phone sex

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