A Sexy Babe on Tinder

sexy babeThis sexy babe is on Tinder. This is my profile pic. I send them naked selfies when they swipe right. My past couple Tinder dates have been a bust. The losers used cock doubles or something because they had tiny little clit sticks not the big ass meat cocks they used in their pictures. I have grown smarter in my Tinder time. I now use reverse Google image for all dick pictures. This way I will at least know if they stole the pic from a porn star. Toby’s awesome dick picture came up nowhere on the Internet. I knew it could still be fake, but he was handsome and if he wasn’t lying, filthy rich too. I agreed to hook up. He wanted to take me to dinner first, which is odd for Tinder. Most men are just looking for sex, not dating. I just wanted sex, but I Googled him too and once I found out he was a wealthy surgeon in town, I agreed to the date. He spoiled me. Nice dinner, the best wine and oh the fucking. His dick was even bigger than it appeared in the pictures. Tinder has been redeemed.

I was waiting for the but. He was too good to be true. Then I noticed the tan line on his ring finger. It was faint, but my guess was he is married. I told him I didn’t care if he was married, I just wanted to fuck his cock again. He agreed that I was a great fuck too.  When you are a phone sex therapist, men just confide in you. They know they can. His wife stopped fucking him years ago. He is too prominent to be on dating sites. His wife would get half of everything even his practice if he divorced her. I told him I would help make it so she is the cheating whore. He couldn’t believe I could or would do that. A cock that fine, I will move mountains for. I am going to befriend her at the gym and soon thereafter introduce her to Maurice, an educated hung black man I work with. Married women in their sexual prime can’t resist a big black cock. I think I just became Toby’s favorite Tinder hook up.

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