A Twist

Mature phone sex When I sunbathe naked outside in front lawn I do it on purpose to attract all my neighbors and the cars passing by. I love the stares and attention I get. Makes my pussy so very wet. But yesterday when I was sunbathing a twist happened. I got a hoot and a holler from a chick! That is right a chick was checking me out. And she was hot! An awesome set of tits and a slamming body to go with them titties. I yelled back “Get your cute ass over here I want you!” She came trotting in my yard and by now we had a bit of a crowd starting to appear. When she got close enough to me I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. I slid my hand over her boobs taking a little pinch of her nipple. I didn’t stop there my hand slid to her pussy I could feel the heat coming off that thing threw her shorts. By now we had an even bigger crowd watching us as we were groping and kissing each other. We went at it right there in front of ever one. She was just like me a fucking horny slut with no shyness about her.

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