Are you there baby!

I need someone I can talk to about my problems, share my secrets, and just oh well, just be naughty around. I am always up for a late night talk and a chance to hear your most inner thoughts. I am just sitting here thinking about how much I need you and am fingering my hot impulsive clit as I talk to you on the phone. Oh my rose bud is so sweet and full of nectar longing for your big hard dick. You are so far away but my intensity of having you inside me is increasing. I imagine your hands all over my tight nipples causing them to peak out and your kisses along my neck trailing down to my spine to my nice ample ass. Now spread that ass and be careful not to delay because my ass is quivering. The nectar that lies there is yours for the taking slurp, swallow taste all the forbidden fruit. Oh baby I think I am going to cum as you nibble on my ass. Now take your fingers and stick them in my nice love hole making the juices flow onto my leg.
I miss the kiss of soft inviting lips that could open me up wide. Teeth that could nibble my open hold , just enough because that is what I like. Now turn me around and let me put that dick in my mouth causing the hardness to firm in my aching mouth. It is rigid, so hard that I think you are going to explode but wait hold that for me I am waiting. Call me!

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