Ass Fetish

ass fetishI have an ass fetish. I know callers think that means I like to play with men’s asses, but that is not true. Okay, it is true technically because I do enjoy a prostate exam. Helping men find their G-spot to completely drain their balls brings me pleasure, but I like my ass played with also. I have a male friend who likes to play doctor.  We get together once a month and play with each other’s asses. He brings the lube and latex gloves. This get together was extra hot because we did it in a doctor’s exam room. Teddy is a security guard. Wednesday night he took an extra detail at an office complex that had to tighten security because of threats from a fired employee. He took the detail because of the doctor’s office. It was not just any doctor’s office, it was a large OB/GYN office, that meant we had equipment for erotic roleplaying. We had gowns, an exam table and even speculums. He did me first. I was not about using any device to probe my ass. I like to keep it tight and pretty. He fingered my hot ass with a lubed up finger while rubbing my clit. I had a powerful orgasm. My ass can have its own version of an orgasm. I had a powerful two hole orgasm with one in the pink and one in the stink. When it was his turn, I used an entire tube of lube, so I penetrate deep enough to find his prostate. A woman brave enough to finger fuck a man’s ass knows when she finds the prostate because his dick becomes stiff as a board.  Just a little massage and that dick erupts like Mt. St. Helen’s. My anal lover’s dick shot off like an overdue volcano.  We drained each other well. Not that we needed the doctor’s office, it just enhanced our naughty role play.

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