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Phone Sex That Is Addicting

Best Phone SexIf you want some of the best phone sex your money can buy you then don’t pass me up. It is nice to have a relationship and stuff, but, some other times someone else can give you what your partner isn’t. I love arousing men and teasing like making them so hard and then letting it go soft. I would love to be there with you while your balls are filling up with that nectar. I always have my favorite toy on hand and love fucking myself as if it were your hard prick deep inside my tight wet teen pussy. Just think while you are stroking that dick to our fantasy, I am spitting on my toy and rubbing it up and down my pussy and then sticking it in so deep. Rubbing my clit while I fuck it and come all over and then suck it off that toy.

I love Cum On My Small Boobs

Cum On BoobsI am quite conservative, but on one hand I can be quite the little slut with a cute heart shaped ass. I love mutual masturbation as much as fucking, there is just something about watching each other get our self off while we are in touching distance of each other. I have a favorite toy that is pretty thick and it has a suction cup on the bottom. I love having my partner watch me fuck it and how my pretty flower just opens up. I want him to come over to me jacking off that big dick and let me lick his balls while my tiny titties are bouncing with hard nipples and keep stroking harder and faster making me squirt all over my toy and when he is ready to come I want him to come on my small boobs and then I will lick it up and swallow down that load.

My Favorite Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexWhere or where is my favorite cuck Blake? I actually miss talking to your pathetic ass and that sounds so funny coming from me. I love holding the key to your cage and your pin prick dripping out. You see my suction cup dildo, it gives me more pleasure than you and I want you to watch it disappear in my silky, velvet bald pussy. I love the way it looks when it gets wet all shiny and when I come on it you can see that milky substance. You of course aren’t allowed to come, I wonder if your wife has been letting you out to play, lol! I still laugh at you, just know you will never be a real man and you are lucky to even be present with such a beautiful young lady like myself. Whenever you want to come back I am holding that key and ready for you to lick my toy clean while my cunt is still going up and down on it.

Tease And Deny That Eruption

Tease And DenialOne of my favorite things to do since I have such sexy stems and very smooth skin is tease and then deny a man of his eruption. I called my fuck buddy over and I was waiting in my office chair that spins around in my bra and panties with my legs spread so wide. I told him to come into the room and he was already drooling looking at my body. He loves my small perky breasts and my white milky skin. He laid down on the bed and I spread my legs and started rubbing my thigh going up grazing slowly over my panties with my pussy that is nice and bald. I then took my bra off very slowly and making sure not to lose eye contact, biting my bottom lip. I was seducing him and I could see his tent pitching. I walk over to him and take that nice schlong out and start sucking hard and fast. I let up not to let him cum and he was begging me while playing with my perky breasts. I started stroking him rubbing the head over my nipples and I was going faster talking really dirty in his ear and he was moaning and ready to cum. I let up and got back on my chair and was playing with my pretty bald pussy. I wouldn’t let him touch himself I had a really good orgasm and had him lick my fingers clean.

Dirty Flicks To Make Us Cum

Best Phone SexI am very addictive once you hear my sensual voice and my way of getting that prick hard you won’t be able to resist me. One thing I want us to do is you pick the sex site we go to and we watch it together and I will be naked watching with you. I want you to put lotion on it so I can hear how wet it is like it would be if you were in my mouth fucking me hard. I love giving a commentary when we are watching hot little sluts get fucked. I make you slap your hard dick on the phone making my pussy even wetter. I can just imagine how thick it is with that purple head. I want to be treated like royalty when you get the visual of my pretty heart shaped ass in your lap. I love putting my heels up on my chair and fucking my cunt.

I Am Your Ultimate GFE

GFE Phone SexI love GFE phone sex, it’s so sensual and can be very sexy without being so obvious. I love connecting with guys and being that shoulder they need to come to about anything. I will always be here and so into what you are telling me and I will never judge you. Unlike your wife or girlfriend, or you might even be single I will always also be a sure thing. I love rubbing your shoulders to relieve the tension of a long day. Lying in bed with you watching a movie and cuddling, I would be topless and I want you completely naked. You would love to have a hot teen there with the perfect heart shaped ass and cute bald cookie to bend to your every desire. I love when you place your hands on my soft, thin thighs. I want you to go up farther and rub on my lacy panties while I reach there and play with your dick and feel it growing. I love how your dick feels in my hand getting hard. I want to jack you off until you come all over my hand, there are times where sex is not necessary and just feeling your member pulsate in my hands is enough.

Movie Time, Finger Bang

Shaved Wet PussyI wanted to take my friend with benefits out to a movie tonight since we seem to go nowhere together. I love him just coming over and using my pussy but I want something hot. Something that is a little more wild, we got our tickets to the show and I was wearing my cute pink skirt and white tight top with my pink lacy panties underneath and my pink and white striped thigh high stockings. We got our tickets and popcorn, we got a seat in the back I was waiting until the it got dark. When the lights when down I grabbed his hand and started rubbing it up my thigh. I had just got my pussy waxed about a week ago and it was smooth like a bare bottom. He slid it up further and moved my panties to the side and started rubbing it making me so wet. I tilted my head back and he slid a finger in and was making a come here motion inside of me. I was getting ready to climax all over his finger. He was going faster and deeper and I came all over his finger. I pulled it out from between my legs and sucked and licked my juices right off.

For A Good Time Call

Best Phone SexLooking at my tight body and after you hear my sensual voice that will melt you, it’s then you will realize why a lot of men want me as their phone sex partner. I have a very open mind and I love to please over my own pleasure. I make for the perfect GFE if you just need someone to listen to you about your day. I will be lying in my sexy bra and panty set like a lacy pink or white. I will also be rubbing on my bald tight pussy while I listen to you stroke that love stick for me. I love licking my juices off my finger before I dive right in and let you hear that. I love describing my beautiful heart shaped ass to you. I know you would love to be here rubbing on it and even kissing and sticking your tongue slightly in. I welcome all fetishes and kinks and I always am a sure thing. So don’t wait no more, let’s have fun!

GFE For Your Relaxation

GFE Phone SexI want to be the one you call when you are having a rough day or just a day where you want to talk. I will never judge you and I will always make you feel like it’s all about you because it is. I have these nice oils and I will dress up in my pretty pink panties and matching bra. You can undo the bra while I massage you. I want you lie on your back and I will pour some oil in my hand to warm it up and then rub starting at your nicely sculpted chest and work my way down. I want you put more in my hand while you rub my cute pussy over the panties making a nice wet spot. I will go down to your dick and massage all the way to your balls. I take my wet panties off and put them on your face so you mask in the smell of my pussy. I keep rubbing and you are standing at attention. I rub a little harder and it’s slick, going in and out of my hand real nice and then I go up by the head and cup it keep massaging over. You prick is so big and plump, I start sucking on your balls and keep stroking your manhood. I feel you tense up and I go real fast, I want you to release that stress.

I Love The Neighbor Watching Us Fuck

Real Voyeur SexI love my cute heart shaped ass, and I love when a guy comes over to fuck. I wear the cutest and most sophisticated looking set I have. I happen to be wearing a silky pink bra that you could see my nipples with a thin mesh skirt with a matching garter belt. I love leaving the blinds open so my neighbors could look in if they want. I love when people watch me get fucked. I love pulling my skirt up some and have you spank my butt while I lean back and feel you getting hard. I love when you spank my butt and kind of spread the cheeks. You turn me around and undo my garter belt and start kissing me and you put your fingers down there and feel me getting moist. You push me up against the desk in the room and hike up my skirt. I see the neighbor looking out his window watching you fuck me and lick my nipples. I pull you in closer with my heels and you put out and come all over my pretty face. I see my neighbor jacking off and he came in his hand and ate it.

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