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I Love The Neighbor Watching Us Fuck

Real Voyeur SexI love my cute heart shaped ass, and I love when a guy comes over to fuck. I wear the cutest and most sophisticated looking set I have. I happen to be wearing a silky pink bra that you could see my nipples with a thin mesh skirt with a matching garter belt. I love leaving the blinds open so my neighbors could look in if they want. I love when people watch me get fucked. I love pulling my skirt up some and have you spank my butt while I lean back and feel you getting hard. I love when you spank my butt and kind of spread the cheeks. You turn me around and undo my garter belt and start kissing me and you put your fingers down there and feel me getting moist. You push me up against the desk in the room and hike up my skirt. I see the neighbor looking out his window watching you fuck me and lick my nipples. I pull you in closer with my heels and you put out and come all over my pretty face. I see my neighbor jacking off and he came in his hand and ate it.

I Love My Small Breasts

Small BoobsI love having small breasts, I can wear the sluttiest outfits with no bra and let you see my hard nipples poking out. I love when my friend with benefits comes over and sees my hard nipples. It makes his dick so hard, he always he thinks girls with big breasts they sag too much and the areola is to big. He came over and lifted my top up and bit hard and sucked on my nipple. Picked me up and put me on the kitchen table and kept kissing and licking even caressing my breasts. He took his dick out and rubbed the head on my nipples making it all shiny, he then put his dick in my pussy and fucked me slow and deep. My heart shaped butt was bouncing off the table, he always does me good. He pulled out and came all over my chest and he loved watching me lick the cum off my nipples.

Lick This Pussy Real Good

Sensual Phone Sex

My ass is so cute and in the shape of a heart. I love when a guy comes up behind me and rubs real gentle on my hips and then works his hands down my doll like skin to my behind. I even like a light spanking or two, just taps and then grabbing and caressing me. I also love when you have on sweats or jogging shorts and grab my hips and bump into my bottom so I can feel what you might have for me. I want to make sure my guy comes home to a nice dinner and a freshly made bed with some rose petals on it and maybe a trail leading to the bedroom with some candles that smell of vanilla. I am lying on the bed and stroking my bald pussy. I am moving my hips up and down it feels so good. I feel your tongue on my clit as your hands are wandering around up my tummy and making circles around my nipples. You had brought in two different beverages a hot and cold one. You dip your tongue in the cold one and then lip and suck my clit. Second comes the warm one and you suck my clit the mixing of the temperatures is making me so wet. I grab your dick and stroke like a jackhammer and have you come all over my pussy.

You Are A Pathetic Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexBlake you are such a loser and a major cuckold. You will never be able to please a woman, you see this toy in my mouth, you wish that was your cock. You are disgusting and have a pin prick dick or shall I say an oversized clit. You were naughty, you were let out of your chastity cage and you ejaculated by just my finger tip grazing over your clitty. Naughty boy you are there and you will have to withstand the punishment I put forward. You are lucky you aren’t mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. I hope your fiance keeps your pathetic ass in that cage and makes you feed her hungry pussy all the cock it can take with a nice buffet. You know you can’t please a woman with your sad excuse you call a dick. You don’t have the right to cum unless I tell you that you are aloud too.

Let’s Share Our Sensual Stories

Mutal Masturbation Stories

I know what you are going to want since it is a romantic night, but, I think every night should be a romantic evening. I love having all of my favorite toys spread out on the bed for when you get home and I really am crossing my fingers you are going to be in a mood to play. To set the mood I put some purple sheets over the lamps and had on my cute little purple lacy panties. When you get home I go and grab your hand and bring you into the bedroom. You like the site of my bare chest with my perky little tits. I lay down on the bed and lift my legs up and pull panties off, my cute little bald box is in the shape of a heart in this position. I tell you to pick a toy for me and you pick my rabbit vibrator, you know it’s one of my favorites.

I tell you come lay down beside me. I turn my vibe on and start rubbing it on your nipples, and I can see you are getting excited. And I put my hand down your pants and pull it out, you had a nice work out at the gym, I can still see beads of sweat on your neck and chest. I start rubbing the toy on your head and you moan. I lay where we can look at each other and watch one another play with our privates. I love watching you stroke your big, thick dick in and out of your hand. I see you like me watching fuck my pussy hard with the toy, I moan so loud for you and even get on my knees so you can watch me from behind like I was riding you. I look under and see you squirting and then that makes me cum so hard.

I love Having Small Boobs

Small Boobs

I love having small boobs, I feel like it takes more confidence to rock them and feel good about your body. I don’t think I would look really that good with like a D cup. I have a tight body, I go to the gym five days a week and guys are very sexually attracted to me just the way I am. I have a very cute round bubble butt. I love when I am fucking a guy and he can get just enough tit in his hand and rubs the tip of his cock on my nipples, that makes me so wet. I know you will love what I have to offer, maybe you never have been with a tight teen like me. Come give me a shot, I am a sure thing.

I Love To Leave You Hanging

Tease And Denial

I know you love looking at my hot tight body. I love stripping down completely naked in front of you and then going over to the counter and making a come here motion for you to get your ass off the bed and get between these legs. As you come over and get down I close my legs and giggle. You pry them open and start kissing, and licking. It feels so good you suck on my lips as you pull them apart and reaching up playing with my nipples making them erect. I can see you are getting so hard, I pull you up I want to taste my own pussy on your lips and as we are kissing I pull out your dick and it is so stiff. I stroke faster and harder, I even start sucking on your earlobe and you moan so loud. I keep stroking you seem like you are going to cum so I stop, you try to get me to continue, I get down from the counter and walk away leaving you with your hard and throbbing cock.

Sex Therapy With Kelly

Phone Sex Therapy

You are always so horny so I think you need some sex therapy with the one and only little ol’ me! So is it that you have been secretly desiring to let the inner bisexual in you out. I can help you, we will take a deep look and I will pull that out of you in no time you will be stroking your cock with me while we watch to guys getting a good dicking. Maybe you have this thing about going to the mall and watching all the hot teens you think you can’t have. I will help you get your dick wet, and the anticipation might have you jizzing all over. Whatever you need give me a call today and I will help you. Satisfaction is a guarantee especially with that nice cock in your pants.

I Want To Have Roleplay Phone Sex With You

Roleplay Phone Sex

Hello to all you horny men reading this or even just looking at my sexy body wish you could touch me. The best thing about a roleplay is we get to be anyone that we want to. Some of my favorite include a naughty teacher and you need to get your grades up and I smack my ruler across my desk while kind of bending over it with my shirt unbuttoned so you can see my sexy cleavage. Watch my nipples get so hard, I also see you look at my legs with my garter belt showing. Why don’t you be a good boy and come undo do it for me and while you are down there don’t stop lick my cunt. Another one I love is that I am your babysitter for the last moment and I know you aren’t being satisfied by the wifey and so you come home early and fuck me in the bathroom while the little ones sleep in dreamland. Maybe you have a different roleplay, I would love to hear from you and discover our bodies together.

Let Us Climax Together

Mutual Masturbation Stories I love when you call me up and I have my favorite toy in my hand ready to get my hot little teen pussy off. I know you call me up already with that hard prick in your hand. I love us getting off together, I love when you tell me how hard I get you. I have sexy body that is so tight, I love working out. Most guys including you are so into my ass like you have a fetish. I like that you fantasize about me or tell me all that you want that you aren’t getting at home with her. You can hear the buzzing of my little vibe and I imagine it is you rubbing your manhood all over my clean, silky pink pussy.  We go faster and harder until we climax together, still breathing heavy. I wish you could roll over and give me a kiss on my forehead.

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