Baby’s Back!

Sensual Phone SexI hung up the phone and knew I had to hurry! You were on your way back from your business trip and would be home soon!

I hate it when you have been away. I get so lonely! But no time to think about that now! I have to get ready. I run upstairs and put some nice fresh sheets on the bed, although I am not sure why! We always end up changing them again anyway!

No time for a long soapy bath so I hop in the shower. I want to make sure I am completely smooth and silky for you.

I do my hair very quickly and put on a touch of lip gloss and a spritz of the perfume you bought me. I have to wait to put on the special lingerie I bought just for tonight because the very thought of you gets me all wet and excited and I would not want to ruin it!

I know you would laugh at me if you saw the way I carried on when I know you are about to walk through the door but I can’t help it!

Just as I hear the car pull up, I slip into my silky new outfit. The way it softly glides over my skin sends this wave of anticipation of what is to come!

I run down stairs as fast as I can and there you are in the doorway! I swear I am about to burst and I practically leap into your arms and through my hands around your neck! You are laughing at me but there is no way I am letting go! Not until I inhale every last bit of your scent!

You pry me off you  and take my hand as you go and sit in your favorite chair. You playfully pat your knee and tell me to come and sit in your lap. How could I resist that sexy smile!

Your hands reach around and start exploring my body! The touch of those strong hands makes me tremble and you know exactly what you are doing to me as your fingers slide into my satin panties! The tips of your fingers feel the smooth silkiness of my freshly shaved pussy and you love that you can bring me to the brink of explosion so easily!

You feel how dripping wet I am and you jokingly ask if I am already finished. But you know better! You know what you do to me and that I cant wait to return the favor! You know that I will spend the rest of the night bringing to the edge over and over and over again!

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