BDK’s number one fan

latina phone sex

I enjoy having latina phone sex I am a sexy Spanish mami and enjoy hot phone fucks with guys that can handle me. When my favorite caller rang me, I instantly got wet thinking about him and his anaconda. The living legend is by far the best, and he is indeed the king of all kings. La Leyenda vivente, El Papi rey. Translation he’s the utmost best the one and only.

I loved playing his groupie on the phone so much that I decided why not give it a shot and meet him up and surprise him. Social media lead me right to my king. I wore the shortest tightest mini skirt and a black crop top. My belly button and tongue ring had my king’s initials plastered on it too, I spotted Papi king and got a bit nervous and told my girlfriend what I was going to do. I worked the nerve to walk up to him after that all I wanted was anaconda and BDK. I asked for a selfie, and he granted my wish.

Papi king blessed me with his presence and made my dream come true when he whisked me away to show me his custom-made Bentley. I knew I was one step closer to anaconda being inside all my holes. I had to prove the salty haters that I was with royalty. A sexy mami with her beloved king. I took pictures in his hot Bentley all black on black and embezzled with jewels and gold. The interior was beautiful, and I didn’t know what was the bette viewr the Bentley  or anaconda poking out from BDK’s custom versace pants.. I had to make Papi king feel good.

BDK was about to make me his sugar baby. I went from his number one groupie to his number one latina sugar baby. I did that with a simple trick. I got on my knees with my heels still on and my skirt and crop top off and started to deepthroat like a hot groupie. I ended up getting that yummy cum and had to have Papi kings anaconda in my tight latina pussy. Only the best for the  royal heinous. I can’t wait till my Papi king plays with me again.

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