Being Social

Sexy BabeI do not enjoy Spring one bit.  The reason is not that I do not like the flowers, or the trees coming to life, or the warmer days, not at all.  The reason is that there are so many social engagements to attend as a couple that extra playtime is cut so very short.  It irritates me.  Every day when I get the mail it seems there are so many invites to the stupidest type of soirees.  My husband, my dear, sweet, Simon keeps on accepting them.  I told him that I will be unable to attend some of these events due to work commitments, but when I am not here then I will be at someone’s house, or the club.  Plus, Simon has off during the Summer and Last Spring.  This is going to be absolutely terrible for me.

Hmmm, perhaps it will not be so bad after all.  I was just struck by a very delicious thought.  Perhaps having Simon near as I engage in my extra marital actives will be exciting.  The thrill of maybe being caught?  I need to think on this some more.  However, I am getting excited as scenarios are spinning in my head. 

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