Best Present

Naughty teacherThe best week for school is Teacher Appreciation week, all the teachers are in great moods because we are being kind and buying them things. It also makes it way easier to get a teacher to change your grades. I decided to wait until now to talk to Mr. Thorne. He is a totally hard ass, but once teacher appreciation week starts he loves us. I go into his office one afternoon and go to talk to him. I ask about changing my grade and he agrees to if I give him the best present out of the week. He has already gotten a few hard to beat presents, so I stand in front of him trying to think of what to get him. Then I realize, I can give him me. I quickly write on a piece of paper, “5 free passes to fuck me.” He takes it and reads it, he tells me that he want to cash one in now. He throws me on the floor and fucks me long and hard. He cums on my face once he is done. He heads over to his computer and changes my grade to a 100.

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