Birthday Boy

Fantasy phone sexI knew you’d love fucking all three of our cunts! When thinking about what to get you for your birthday, I thought about how every man dreams of a threesome. I couldn’t just do the bare minimum though and how was I to decide between my two hottest friends?! I couldn’t just pick one! I decided a foursome would be the best! So I coordinated with Kay and Tiffany and had them come over. We shaved each other’s pussies and got dolled up to surprise you when you got home. You walked in the door and we were all posed with our asses and cunts exposed. We all worshiped your cock. We sucked and kissed your cock. You watched as we fingered each other and ate each other out. Then, you fucked all three of us. Each in the pussy first. I told you there was only one rule to this present, and it was that you save all your cum for me! You know how much your cum whore needs her cum! Happy Birthday, baby!


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