Brest Dream Ever

fantasy phone sexMy friend and her husband were in town visiting, earlier this week visiting all the hotels were booked up due to a concert. So I told them they could stay with me. The husband and I have secretly been fucking each other for quite some time but my friend has no idea. So we have to be very careful when they come to visit.   The first night was nice we all went out to dinner, and her husband and I were sneaking in glances the whole night trying not to be noticed. We go home and we all decide to go to bed as we had to be up early the next day.  I take all my clothes off for bed as I usually do and close my eyes and go to sleep, and than I have the most amazing dream about someone coming into my bedroom getting under the sheets and just start licking and caressing my pussy with their tongue,  and then they slide their massive cock inside me fucking me hard and fast. My pussy aching for more, me moaning, and slightly arching my back and finally climaxing as the cock fills my sweet pussy with cum. I open my eyes, my pussy soaking wet and throbbing with pleasure. As I sit up I hear footsteps in the hallway, I crack my door ever so slightly to see who it is. It was my friend’s husband running back to his room where his wife was sound asleep. I close my bedroom door not thinking much of it assuming he had to use the restroom.  Than when I shut the door I see a note that reads “same time, tomorrow night?” That’s when I finally realized it wasn’t a dream! I climbed back into bed with a huge smile hardly able to wait until the next night.

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