Cooling the gardeners down or heating them up

Hairy wet pussy

Holy fuck did I cum a lot. A gardener and his son were doing my neighbor’s yard work. They looked so hot and sweaty I felt bad for them. I went out there in my swimsuit, because well… ya know I am the whore next door, literally. I offered them some Gatorade and said they could come and cool off in my kitchen. They both followed me to into the house and as I walked to the kitchen I started to untie my suit top. I went into the corner of the kitchen counter and turned to them and dropped my suit top on the floor. Staring at me they didn’t seem to know what to do. I approached the dad, went to my knees, unzipped his pants out and got his nice cock out. I started sucking and he got nice and hard pretty quickly. I reached out and put my hand on his son’s pants and stroked his cock. He looked at his dad for approval and got it. So he started to drop his shorts. I got both cocks screaming hard with my mouth. The harder they got the wetter I got. Suddenly they took over and got me up onto the counter and started fucking every hold I had. The son was in my pussy, the dad was in my ass. They fucked me hard and fast, have to get back to work of course. I start cumming and it is the hardest I’ve ever cum, as I cum the dad cums in my asshole and soon after the son cums all over my face. Great afternoon quickie.

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