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Fantasy phone sex

Stopped by my bff’s for a visit and she was going on an on about how her husband wasn’t pleasing her sexually anymore and of course I listened but in my mind I was thinking I can please you as she sat across from me with her legs spread in her black mini skirt and I caught a glimpse of her pink pussy lips and I could feel my cunt throbbing as it begin to get wet in anticipation. She caught me staring and closed her legs and so I had to come up with something so I went over and set next to her and put my hand on her knee and moved it up very slowly and of course she gave this look of utter shock but she didn’t stop me and before she knew it I had my fingers in her pussy and she began to play her big supple tits. So I got down on the floor and spread her legs and took her tight pink little pussy in my mouth as she began to moan in pleasure sucking on those cunt lips and inserting my tongue deep inside her, just then her husband walked into and saw what I was doing and began stroking his hard cock and then came up behind me and shoved it into my wet twat and the harder he pounded me, the harder I fucked his wife’s pussy with my tongue and fingers until she squirted in my mouth. Once he saw this he pulled his dick out and shot his load all over my ass in which she was more than happy to lick off. Needless to say I don’t think sex will be an issue anymore.

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