Cum Lick Sauce is so Tasty!

Gfe Phone Sex

     I was waiting on the phone for you all day and when you called my heart leaped with joy. Oh how I ached to see you and be near you and tell you how much that golden sauce was coming out of my pussy every time I heard your voice. It was the power of measure that just kept me going all over the place. I was trying to be calm about the whole thing but you just had me going all over the place. I was craving every moment of pleasure that you were giving me and the one thing that I loved most about you is that you knew how to take my desire ten- fold and place it in your hands like you were doing now. I wanted to see you and my passion was just running wild with anticipation for you. God my anticipation was just driving me wild so I took a dildo out of the drawer and played the song of interlude that you liked. You liked for me to cum before our conversations because you said it stimulated you in so many ways. It was hard not to laugh about the thought.  But it did make sense and soon my whole world was going to be upside down.

I was having spaghetti  for dinner and thinking about all the kinky things I would love to do with you and the sauce that was just running off my fingers onto the floor made me crazy for you even more! I heard the phone ring and the next thing you know we were creating the fantasy of sauce and spaghetti that was creamy, tasty, and filling my belly just like I wanted your cum to be doing.I placed the noodle all over my tits and let you eat it off and then I slowly bent down and stuck the meatball up my ass for you to eat out. Oh it was something to feel and do with you and it felt oh so good and I knew that was just the beginning of this talented conversation you had so much more you wanted to tell me and the sensual phone  sex conversation was underway!

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