Dickie Ride

latina phone sexOh yeah daddy, I want to ride your big fat juicy cock, while you watch my big tetas bounce up and down, and my big fat ass jiggles in front of the bedroom mirror. Mmmmhmmm you like that huh papi. Now squeeze my fat ass fucking hard i want you to leave your hand marks on my ass, so everybody could knows who owns this Latina slut. Yes daddy you do im your Latina  phone slut. Just look at this big tan round ass and big tetas. Wouldn’t you like a taste papi? White sluts aint got nothing on me. Your puny little pale puta can’t ride your big fat cock like i can. I take it all mmm fuck yeah i do I’ll ride your big fat cock for hours till we are all full of sweat. You think you could handle some Latina heat daddy? I don’t promise ill play nice. I do promise you will have the ride of your life with this brown Latina slut.

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