Dirty Dan needs Therapy

I have a client named Dan and he is one sick puppy. He tells me about all of things he has done in his life and it makes me cringe with delight. Now normally I would respect doctor patient confidentiality, but I am so wet thinking about his last few sessions and its got my panties dripping with pussy juice. Dan has told me how he loves the sweet tang of pussy and how no matter what he does he just can never get enough. He is a sex maniac that needs serious help.

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He also tells me how he likes to ram his fuck stick up the assholes of his woman to hear them scream as he loves fucking any hole with his huge massive cock. I should know as we have had many sessions of role playing to help him heal some issues from his past. We have another session next week and I wonder what else is going to pop up that is going to get me all hot or that maybe I can even sit on to investigate. Dan always leaves better than when he came and I always leave the sessions with a feeling of being fulfilled.

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