Erotic Vacation With Ramona

Naughty Teacher RamonaHow would you like to play Naughty Teacher this afternoon? It is raining and oh so cold here. I would love to make the walls sweat! You see, in my line of work fantasy is everything. And I love being able to escape the boring world of reality, pretty much every day! So why don’t you come with me and take a kinky vacation where anything can happen.

Our first stop would be in a world where clothes are not an option. I want to see flesh. I want to breath in every inch of your body. I love showing off my huge tits and tiny bald cunt to you while you stroke that thick meat and get it ready for me. Who would you like me to be? How about your phone sex mommy? Let me take care of my big boy and show him the tender touch of a kinky mommy. Is that not my job as a mother? To help her boy enjoy his body? Wouldn’t you like mommy to excite your baby boy cock? Take it into her mouth and feel it grow and taste your salty delicious cum? Or how about we play good cop bad cop? I can be your prisoner and you find so many naughty ways to make me talk? How about my car breaks down and I have no way to pay for the tow truck?

There are so many games and scenarios just waiting for us to explore. Lets travel down a kinky road together and forget the lousy work week ahead of us. I am only a phone call away and love to party all night! I have one of the most naughty imaginations you have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to use me like a whore today?Phone Sex Mommy Ramona

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