Exploring the Foot fetishes

Foot fetishesI love that you can always come to me with new ideas.

Things we’ve never tried before like Foot fetishes.

It’d ever even occurred to me because I walk on my feet. I do pedicure them, lotion them, make sure they are soft and pretty but I could never imagine you wanting to use them sexually. Which is why I was so surprised when you brought it up to me.

I’m always willing to try anything once with you love, so you started off slow. Kissing the sole of my foot just on the inner arch, it felt really nice and send a nice little wave of pleasure through me as you licked that sensitive spot of my foot. I couldn’t up but giggle though when you ran your lips along it, giving it little kisses and tickling me with your lips.

Then you went to my toes… I never thought someone sucking on my toes. Lightly biting and nibbling them would be so arousing. You felt like you knew what you were doing though and I became breathless as you sucked, teased, licked between. Made my pretty painted toes feel worshiped.

I didn’t even have the time to notice how hard you were becoming. Your nose and lips had been glued to the bottom of my foot and my toes for at least half an hour now, having to love on each foot equally. You cock though was hard and throbbing. Leaking precum like I’d never seen it do before. You knelt on the couch facing me. Taking my feet in your hands as you put them together against your cock. Your precum as you humped between my feet so slowly lubricating the sides. Letting you fuck my feet quicker and quicker… It felt like no time at all before you came. Covering the toes you just licked clean with your cum.

Now my toes are dirty again, and my pussy so sore with need. How are you planning to fix that hm?

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