Feeling blue?

tease and denialAwwwhhhh your poor little balls are all blue now? Poor little baby, you just want to cum so so much huh? Well that’s just too damn bad now isn’t it? I told you when you came over that I wasn’t going to let you cum today, in fact I made it quite clear that you would not be cumming at all this whole week! That is the kind of punishment that you get when you have a tiny little dickie and you act like you’re hot shit. You are not important at all, you are less than nothing and presuming to act like you are more than that is a guaranteed one way ticket to blue ball city. That is why you are over there trembling and whining like a little bitch, you thought you were a real man for a second but that feeling has passed now I am sure. You must have felt so bad when I laughed at you but it made you learn a good lesson now didn’t it?

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