Feeling Feisty

Edgeplay phone sexI’m in a very feisty mood today and I want you to so do something original to capture my attention. You want my undivided attention so fucking badly, don’t you?! Well why don’t you send me a tribute and jerk off then eat your cum like the good slave that you are! You will cum like a loser while humping your pillow the way that I tell you to do so. What have you done for me lately? If the answer is nothing then you better figure out what you can do to better my life rather than being a stalking nuisance! Your balls are sore from holding in so much cock cream, does my little loser want to cry about it?! Go ahead and cry like the bitch that you are, put your face on to my feet and tell me how mean I am to you! You’re only good for having a limp dick and an empty wallet so you better get to worshiping to my superiority!

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