Feeling up my boobies

Sexy breastsThere’s something about a pair of sexy breasts. Lucky for us women, men love all kinds of tits. Small perky ones, big floppy ones, ones with tiny nipples. Headlights glaring in the cold. A nip poking through a wet t-shirt or some giant stripper tits. There’s a man for every kind.

Look back to your own fantasies. Sucking a milky nipple while Mommy touches you. That first time a MILF let you slide your teen boner between her globes. Peeking at the neighbor girl while she undressed. Her tits were so beautiful. Your auntie in a bikini with her DDs poking out, right in your face when she hugged her.  Your daughters new buds just starting to sprout. Titties make the world go round. From that first time you peeked at Playboy and your young cock hardened, you knew those fleshy lumps were something to be worshipped.

My 42EEs are dying to be sucked, fondled, and squeezed around a thick cock. Come do a breast exam while my poor cucky husband has to watch. Just explain that you are doing it for my health. Regular breast exams save lives. Squeeze away!!!

Large boobs


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