Forced Crossdressing Makes Me Wet

forced crossdressing

Yes, Forced crossdressing you makes my tight wet slit wet. And Yes, I show my love for my Cucky Boyfriends in a very different way.  I love the fact that I can have My Sexy slut tremble as I layout perfect sized female garments for him to put on. I stand in front of him in my leather boots and schoolgirl uniform and demand he put on his silk red panties. he bucks and frowns. Okay sexy I will make a deal for every piece of Clothing you adorn for me I will remove one article of my own clothing.  His panties go on and I reach up and unzip my skirt. My cotton panties form to fit my bald cunt. His bra is next and he gets to see my bare titties because these perfect perky tits never require a bra. On and on we go until My cucky is now a beautiful female. I walk over naked and rub my body on him kissing him deeply. My lipstick smears on to His face. I reach under his miniskirt and stroke he small cock. Suck a good boy for me. He knows what I require as I have vowed to only fuck and suck BBC. We go into the bedroom where Lester is stroking his cock on the bed. Lester has become so hard that I want to rush over and take every inch of that purple monster in my throat. I restrain myself and guide my Cuck to him. He knows what I want. He climbs on the bed his thong showing under his skirt. My Cuck begins his BBC cock sucking and I slide my finger in his ass pumping him to make him take Lesters cock deeper and deeper down that slutty throat. I stop my cuck, he knows he will get Lester’s cum but only out of my sweet tight teen cunt. I climb on board that massive cock and work my hips, teasing and long stroking until I get the biggest load Lester has ever given. Lester lays me back takes my sweet tits in my mouth as my cuck sucks every last drop of BBC cum from my pussy. Cucky is rewarded with my cum as I tremble and squirt on his forced feminization sweet face.


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  1. colby

    I would love to crossdress for you master CJ

  2. Bruce

    Our sex chat drove me wild I fucking love you.

  3. Sissy Sammy

    Control my sissy ass anyday CJ!

  4. Vince

    I want you to make me wear panties and eat your pussy.

  5. cuck

    can i be Your cucky too?

  6. Jeff

    I had a dream I fucked you into complete satisfaction now I want to make that dream come true.

  7. Paul

    Your so hot…

  8. brent

    I want to be your sweet crossdressing sissy fag!

  9. Robert

    My sexy exotic Cuck Mistress!

  10. Sam

    I would be your Bitch Doll for you!

  11. terragon

    nice blog! cant wait to call

  12. Chaz

    Fucking hot baby.

  13. Sissy

    I need sissy training mistress.

  14. gary

    so tasty!

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