Fresh off the farm… not that kind of farm

Domination phone sex

I was recently promoted in my job to parole officer. I was just an aide but took the tests and now here I am. It’s been about 6 months give or take, but I’m starting to find the best parts of this career choice. The endless and I mean endless parade of the horniest fucking men ever and seriously, some of the most chiseled bodies a woman like me loves to devour.

I don’t care what you look like or what you did, the only thing you HAVE to do, is make me cum. Yes, that is what I said. All my parolees have to fuck me and make me cum, or I revoke them back to prison. Most don’t complain, go figure. I think my career is off to a great “fucking” start though, and I have a feeling my pussy is going to be always satisfied in one way or another. What would you do as my parolee?

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