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mature phone sex

I met a really hot guy that rocked my world at the carwash the other day. Watching him hand wash my car with his muscles flexing got me so hot and I wanted him right then and there. So, when he went to the vacuum area, I followed. I went into the backseat and took off my dress, spread my legs and started finger fucking myself. As soon as he opened the backdoor and saw me, he was mine. His cock was instantly hard, I could se through his pants. “Give me some of that,” I whispered as he got in and shut the door. He dove right in licking my pussy and finger fucking me until I begged him for that cock. God, I had to have it! When he finally gave it to me, we had the car rocking and the people around us must have known, but I didn’t care. He rocked my world and I will gladly go back for a full service wash again.

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