Girl Pets Can Be Fun Also

Domination phone sexI do love a good pet boi. They are My favorite. But a good girl pet can be fun also. Girls are much easier to take anything in their holes. They are not strong willed as a boi so easier to break. Although breaking a boi’s will is extremely fun to do.  I like to have girl and boi pets lined up on their knees.  Waiting for Me to play with them at my will and whim.  I even enjoy having the girl pet’s put dildos in the boi pet’s asses.  Turning the boi pet’s into bitches.  I also enjoy placing dildos in the girl pets holes.  Fucking the girl pet’s holes as they shove the dildos up the boi’s asses.  I do enjoy playing with a good girl pet, but boi pet’s are My favorite

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