Greg cums home!

sexy babe mercyToday was a typical day. My sugar daddy had been away on business for a while so I spent the day laying by the pool.

I normally take my bikini off after the help goes home. I love the feel of the hot sun on my lubed up skin and the soft breeze tickling my nipples.

I was laying there by the pool when Greg had got home early…with presents!

He helped me up and stood behind me kissing the side of my neck and slide a beautiful strand of pearls around my neck, the cool beads felt so good rolling over my breasts.

I could tell he was enjoying the moment to as I felt his cock start to swell behind me.

I wanted to show him how thankful I was so I dropped to my knees and slowly unzipped his pants.

I could tell by the smile on his face that he knew what he was in for. I love sucking his cock!

I am pretty sure that is the only reason he lets me stay there.

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